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15 ignored SPACs that have announced targets (under $13)

Updated: Feb 5

If you're reading this, you probably have 100+ trades a year & have a major TAX headache coming your way. Click the article below to save yourself from the migraines:

Let me be very clear: I do not intend to be a SPAC pusher. Knowing a ton about SPACs has been epic for me & my goal is to share that with you. It's gotten me exclusive conversations with knowledgeable investors, a few that are C-Suite in the SPAC game.

The info is really not that hard when it's simplified, and simple is the only language we speak here at SPACdaddy. Simple but intellectual... I like it.

Tuesday was INSANE & it would behoove me not to talk about my guy Chamath, billionaire sustainable SPAC investor & owner of the Warriors. He joined in with the short squeeze antics of Gamestop (GME) and AMC Entertainment Holdings (AMC)

I guess all those professional short investors really underestimated the power of millions of Robinhood wielding millennials, a $600 stimulus check, and their fearless leader Chamath.

(Hate to have to say this out loud for the clueless ones... this is sarcasm)

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If you need help understanding the fundamentals & want behind the scenes info on the Gamestock fiasco, read this:

Chamath also just announced his candidacy for California Governor & he's running to serve the people, not his self interests.

If you wanna learn about this interest this mystical creature... then click the article below:

Now after all of that being said, I'm going to push some SPACs. Here are 15 announced SPACs that have gone fully under the radar. A symptom of having 320+ SPACs on the market is that some announcements simply got drowned out by all the noise. Here are a few very interesting plays that have not been given the attention they deserve.

(For those that are rookies, a PIPE is additional $ to the Cash in Trust that is given to the target company. Click here to read more in the FAQ).

Here's the cherry on the cake SPAC: Population Health Investment Co (PHIC). At $10.23/share, this is 2-3% from NAV, run by Ian Read the ex-CEO of Pfizer for the last 10 years that created $240b of market value, and has access to endless capital.

The goal of SPACs is to access venture capital with titans of industry (& minimal risk)... here is your chance to do just that.