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Digging through the weeds: Random SPAC Ideas

Updated: Feb 5

I’ll start this off as bold & transparent as I know how to be: yesterday was the 21st day of the 21st year in the 21st century. Also, the next 7-days typed out in USA format are palindromes.

1/21/21 -> 12121

1/22/21 -> 12221

1/23/21 -> 12321

1/24/21 -> 12421

1/25/21 -> 12521

1/26/21 -> 12621

1/27/21 -> 12721

1/28/21 -> 12821

That being said, un-announced SPACs are TOO DAMN HIGH!

My goal with is never to SPAM you with the classic "follow me and I'll make you $." My goal is to make SPAC info more accessible and to bring you a critical (but informative) perspective of the SPACworld... while keeping you awake and not being like every other brutal website.

So when I say...

...I'm serious about it!! Since April 2020 when I began SPAC investing, the SPAC world has never been hotter. In theory, the goal of a SPAC is to invest at NAV (Net Asset Value ~$10/share) because then you can calculate your max loss.

(Your floor is $10/share for SPAC commons, if you didn't know this then click here to get up to speed)

To show you what I mean, here is a list I shared on Jan 8th 2021 compared to today, Jan 22nd 2021. I’m sharing this with you not for street cred, rather to show you that SPACs inflate to together when the FOMO boat leaves the dock.

The amount of SPACs with all-star management teams that are trading at 30-40% premiums is insane. These aren't even all of them!

Personally, I do not hold every single one of these SPACs... but I do read about every single SPAC that comes to market. These ones stick out because of their management. Of the 320+ SPACs currently on the market, here's 29 notable ones. The ones highlighted yellow are still excellent plays if you can get them around $10.50 because they have a max risk of about ~5%.

(Bloomberg Article Link)

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This weekend, I plan on doing some major SPAC research and overhaul of all the affordable SPACs run by proven industry titans.

A New SPACdaddy Theory

Similar to when crypto coin's increase in value as they get trading access to Coinbase, SPACs have a similar phenomenon.

When SPACs hit Robinhood after their Units split into separate trading of commons & warrants, the amount of users that have access to SPACs increases exponentially. There are 15 million traders on Robinhood alone.

SPACs begin their first 45-52 days in the Green Shoe period aka the time period they're traded as Units. Robinhood does not trade Units bc Robinhood is for rookies. No offense but this probably true to the majority of readers. If you want to dive in head first, download a real brokerage that’s not Robinhood (aka Think or Swim, Schwab, Interactive broker, many others). Also take a look at this 3 minute read on Units, Warrants, & Commons. I plan on providing much more Unit plays as to get the best deals in a hot market, we've got to be the smartest.

With the SPACdaddy following growing bit by bit, I'll begin to share more complex articles for the people actually interested in investing all their life savings into SPACs, like myself. Without question this stock market is too frothy... so if you have a saving account/cash and are scared to go near the current stock market, my goal is to make you consider putting every penny in the safest most lucrative vehicle of 2020-2021, aka SPACs.

Every single penny of my wealth is in SPACs. I dare you to send this to your coworkers, have them follow me on Twitter @SPACdaddy, and attempt to change my mind.