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Since I started SPACking off in April, I’ve seen multiple Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) trends. It’s usually a bunch of investors that hear the buzz word “SPAC” and they say “get in quick before the SPACs all merge and we miss out.” Usually, the SPACs that have the A+ management see the biggest rise in price.

Because a SPAC is a ‘shell company’ aka ‘blank check company’ aka form of venture capitalism, the floor is about $10/share. They don’t have an operating business which means they should be trading close to the floor, aka cash in trust value, or in my opinion below $10.50 (5% risk).

When the SPAC FOMO begins, all the SPACs rise together in one big FOMO fest.

My suggestion: PAYtience. Seriously, wait for them to come down to 🌎.

Yesterday, our fearless SPAC leader Chamath Palihapitiya snagged another incredible company to add to his books: SoFi. The guy is nonstop. In the last year he’s done: IPOA (SPCE, $25), IPOB (OPEN, $28), IPOC (Clover Health, $17), IPOE (SoFi, $20), IPOD & IPOF. His goal is to get to IPOZ... and so far if you got in at the floor of $10/share on his SPACs, you would be averaging 250% gains. This is why it’s called PRE-IPO. You’re in before it doubles & triples unlike AirBnB IPO that opened up at 3x 🤯

Anyways, when hype mergers are announced, this irrational FOMO sends shockwaves across the retail investors & the entire SPAC world rises together.

Why do I say this? Bc I’m about to drop a watch list and I want to be clear: stay patient and wait for the right entry point of $10-11 ($11/share entry would mean about a 10% downside, 🥜s if you’re used to cryptos or risky stock swings).

Below is a list of 21 pre-announced SPACs that I suggest adding to your own watch lists and wait for the entry point that you’re comfortable with. Choose your titans of industry & investment partners wisely:

  1. SPNV - run by Spencer Rascoff (Zillow founder) and his powerhouse VC dawgs

  2. VGAC - Richard Branson, billionaire playboy jetsetting aerospace Hyperloop buzz words guy

  3. APSG - Apollo Global Mgmt

  4. FAII - Fortress (potential Israeli target, previous SPAC merger with MP Materials Lithium Mine that is 3-4x)

  5. AACQ - run by hedge fund guys that control 10s of billions, fintech target, massive spac $700m+

  6. CLII - Pimco, literally the biggest $ in the world, it’s their sustainability SPAC

  7. BOAC - sustainable infrastructure, loads of $

  8. ZNTE - Aerospace titans, Apple director and Uber chairman, brand new so patience here

  9. GSAH - Goldman Sachs, previous spac merged with Vertiv which is 2x.

  10. LCY - Tilman Fertitta, previous 2 spacs are 2.5x and he said he wants to merge this one “sooner than later”

  11. FCAC - Jeff Sagansky is OG spac legend. Merged Draftkings last year

  12. AJAX - founders of Chipotle, Instagram, Twitter, 23&me, more. NOT A JOKE.

  13. IPOD/IPOF - Chamath Palhapitiya, the # 1 SPAC man of all time

  14. RTP - Reid Hoffman founder of LinkedIn and bunch of his tech billionaire Jewish friends

  15. NOAC - looking for a beyond burger or impossible foods comparable company

  16. ACND - RuneScape founder looking for gaming/media tech hype

  17. RBAC - Billy Beane, rumored to be in talks with Red Sox. Going for a sports team

  18. SEAH - NFL & NHL execs. Sports related target

  19. SNPR - last spac was Hyliion (Electric Trucks) that reached 6x at one point. Solid mgmt team with a track record

  20. PDAC - sustainable energy and electric vehicles

  21. QELL - ex GM exec and other electric vehicle execs. Top notch crew & just announced Qell 2 IPO (might mean merging this one soon)

This is only 21 to get you salivating over partnering with titans you never thought was possible. When I started in April, there were 50 SPACs. Now there are 300. Along the 2021 SPACfest, I’ll point out the highest quality SPACs for you guys.

I’ll leave you with this: The barrier to entry is low as you can buy a SPAC like you buy a stock (Robinhood, Etrade, Schwab, etc). The barrier to information is pretty high bc the research is slightly tricky at first until you understand what you’re doing.

I’ll feed you the ideas, it’s on you to execute. Be patient & wait for your moment to dive in.