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SPACdaddy Guide to 152 oversold SPACS: The Re-Up

Updated: Feb 5

If you're reading this, you probably have 100+ trades a year & have a major TAX headache coming your way. Click the article below to save yourself from the migraines:

I've been saying one thing consistently for the last few weeks...

Since the end of November, SPACs have gradually been rising together. As of the last 2 weeks, most were entirely out of NAV range. Unannounced SPACs should in theory be chilling in the $10-10.50 range... I had to up my list to $10.80 to get enough quality SPACs involved.

Add that GameStop (GME) fiasco to the mix, and we've got one helluva irrational market. If you need help understanding the fundamentals & behind the scenes info, read this:

And now I am happy to say... IT'S BUYING TIME BABY! These SPACs near NAV are basically a Savings Account with extraordinary upside. Below is a list of 152 SPACs that check 3 boxes:

  1. quality management

  2. access to mountains of capital

  3. tangible experience

Yellow highlighted ones are especially solid choices in my humble opinion, some may never come down to these levels again. (If you still need help understanding Units, click here to read an in-depth guide to Units & Warrants)

Enjoy SPACheads.



This will be the last list I post for a while... It would be negligent if I didn't share a list during this bloodbath. Next up, I plan on tackling Cathie Woods' 121 page 'manual for the future' & translate it for us simpletons. View the whole report here:

ARK–Invest Big Ideas 2021
Download PDF • 7.62MB