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SPACs that have announced a target

A lot of you are impatient & you think you’re day traders. You’re not and SPACs are not the place for that. You need patience... put in your cash and treat it like a savings account with major upside.

Now if you're looking for more action, SPACs that have announced targets tend to have PR that leads to more dramatic price movement. There are about 40 SPACs that have announced targets... even PLAYBOY is merging with MCAC (Click here if you want to learn more about this deal).

Once a SPAC announces a merger, the hype train begins. There’s usually a spike upon announcement, then it’ll level out for 1-2mo, & a few weeks before the merger is complete, it can take off. Below is a chart showing how quick SPACs merge so figure out where the SPAC is on the timeline and see if you want to hold through the merger. Once it merged, it’s no longer a SPAC and is now a stock that in theory can go to $0.

Here are a few SPACs that have found unreal companies and are still affordable (even though they’re 20-60% above $10). Don’t buy bc I said so... I’ll point you in the direction & you can do your own Due Diligence.

  1. ROCH - Purecycle Technologies. They literally turn plastic into air. I know, it's magic like that Jack Black movie. The previous SPAC that was rumored (GRAF) to have bagged PureCycle, but talks fells through, went to $20 just on rumors so I believe if their tech is legit, it’ll easily shoot to $20-30. They also have a partnership to recycle all of Proctor & Gambles waste. Click here for PureCycle Technology info

  2. CGRO - Innoviz Lidar. This is an Israeli company and the SPAC is run by Canopy Growth 🌳 founder & was meant to be for weed... but my street sources tell me that while he was in Israel looking for an MJ investment, he bumped into these guys. Lidar is one of the hottest plays now because it’s Laser + Radar. Autonomous driving to your Roombas, everything will have some form of Lidar eventually. LAZR & VLDR are 2 other Lidar companies that went 3-6x post-merger. IPV and CLA are 2 other SPACs merging with killer Lidar companies. Click here for Innoviz Lidar info

  3. APXT - AvePoint Inc. The owner of the APXT SPAC is the ex-CFO of oracle and his name is... drum roll... JEFF EPSTEIN. Not a joke. This Jeff is actually the man and he knows the richest tech guys on the planet. AvePoint is Microsoft Teams largest cloud servicer, is profitable, & is trading at a revenue multiple less than similar cloud companies like Snowflake, Datadog, etc. Cloud is the future & AvePoint services dozens of the top companies. Click here for AvePoint info

  4. BFT - Paysafe. Basically a PayPal knockoff that did $100b+ in transactions with a market cap of $9b & $900m profit. PayPal is worth $275b market cap. This could be a serious hold through the merger. Click here for PaySafe info

  5. CIIC - Arrival. One of the top electric vehicle/truck companies. Jim Cramer said last night that "Arrival is the only EV company that has the argument it is the son of Tesla." It's got partnerships with Amazon, is already at 2.7x, and I wouldn’t be shocked if it tripled again post merger. Do your own research if you want this risk. You’ll prob start to 🤤 and you’ll gamble into this because the company is top notch. Click here for Arrival info

  6. 2 semiconductor SPACs: THBR (Indie Semiconductor) & ACEV (Achronix Semiconductor). Modern society uses semiconductors in EVERYTHING. Google any semiconductor company and look at their graphs. These are 2 smaller companies that have exponential growth ahead if their management succeeds. Both are priced well in my opinion & you should do research and see if you have the kahonas to hold through the merger. Google it yourself.

These are some of the companies I'm personally a big fan but their are many others like THCB (Microvast Charging), SBE (ChargePoint), NGA (Lion Electric)... Take a look at this spreadsheet & dig deeper in anything that looks interesting.